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Everything you needed in a Test Automation Platform. Minus the Code. Reduce test automation complexity by 90%.
Automate in days not months. No coding required.

Why Test Flow Charts?

Visual & Concise - Easy to Understand

Test Flow Chart for Checkout
The Test Flow Chart format is a concise way of expressing business testcases visually.

The flowchart on the left expresses 6 tests:

Ensure coupon is not applied for:

  1. No coupon
  2. Fake coupon
  3. Disabled coupon
  4. Product coupon, but for another product

Ensure coupon is applied for:

  1. Valid coupon which is not product specific
  2. Valid coupon which is specific for this product

The flowchart syntax also handles login, navigation and pre-condition matching:

  • Ensure that no user is logged in
  • Navigate to @shopping_cart page
  • Create a product and a coupon as needed (to satisfy pre-conditions)

Rapid No-Code Implementation - Easy to Automate

Rapid Implementation
Implement automation quickly and easily without writing code.

  • Step Composer
  • Powerful Recorder & Object Spy
  • Resilient Object identification
    • Smart Identification - No XPaths
    • Relative Identification - Near, In, Under, Right Of, Left Of
  • No Waits
  • Drag and Drop Editing

Everything in Place - Easy to Maintain

Rapid Implementation
Easy to find, easy to maintain, easy to seek help, easy to onboard new team members, easy to start a new project.

Neatly store all automation artifacts in designated places
  • Automation keywords
  • Automation steps
  • UI Elements
  • Valid values for form validation
  • Invalid values for form validation
  • Data generators
  • Data

Data is a First Class Citizen

Use in-built data generators for form filling, specify your invalid and weirdly valid data for form validations, loop an action multiple times with a precreated dataset, and specify verification data for different conditions and business rules.

Data Generator

Proven Capable Automation Engine

Sahi Pro
Powered by Sahi Pro with automation expertise of over a decade and trusted by over a 1000 companies. Say bye bye to XPaths and Waits. Smart Identification, Excellent Recorder, Fast & Reliable Playback and Comprehensive reports.

Automate applications on Web, Windows Desktop, Mobile, Webservices more.

Sahi Pro Reviews

Pre-built Templates

Quickly get started with templates for User Flows and CRUD Operations. 60% of your task done right off the bat.

Detailed Reports

See complete information of execution. From concise summaries and graphs to exact step that failed, with screenshot, experience true end to end reporting.

Authoritative, Empathetic Support

Whether you are onboarding your team, trying a POC or are just stuck, our friendly and capable support team will help you out.

Pricing Plans

$0 $1255 /User/Year
($105/user/month billed annually. Save over 95% compared to cost of in-house automation framework engineers and maintenance)
Suitable ForLearning, hobby projectsReal life projects
Flowcharts per Project3Unlimited
Project Sharing3 usersUnlimited
Team based Sharingx
Project Versioningx
Batch Runsx
SupportCommunity SupportDedicated Support
Technologies Supported
API Testingx
Mobile (Android & iOS)x✓ (extra)
Windows Desktopx✓ (extra)

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